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Automated Vision Systems


Automated vision systems are a highly versatile automation solution that can be the answer to many process problems. A well-integrated vision system can complement guided motion, inspection, part recognition, and error proofing applications. Consider the eight basic parts of a vision system to preview the expert Vision required to implement a vision system for your application:

1. Grayscale or color camera(s)

2. Frame grabbers, or an interface for digitizing images

3. Processors (usually PC-based) or embedded processors (like DSPs)

4. Smart Cameras are a combination of the three components listed above

5. Input/Output hardware (like digital I/O) or network communication links to report results

6. Lenses to focus the field of view for the image sensor

7. Specialized light sources like LED lighting or fluorescent/halogen lighting

8. A programmed application to track and detect features or triggers in a processed image

9. An input from the controls system to trigger image-taking and processing